Azure Consulting & Migration

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At HCT Infotech, we have a dedicated Azure Consultation team that will help you prepare a structured roadmap for migration. Our Azure Consulting begins with an in-depth assessment of your legacy systems and your Cloud-readiness report & you understand the benefits of Cloud Migration.

We bring fully Secure, Agile & Compliant cloud transformation solutions for Businesses to streamline their migration process with minimal impact on their Business.

Leverage the Cloud benefits with Microsoft

HCT Infotech offers state-of-the-art Azure migration services to Businesses across the Globe. We have a custom 4-pronged Migration strategy that assists us in delivering exceptional results.


Under this Infrastructure-as-a-Service (I-a-a-S) model, we redeploy your existing data from the legacy system to Cloud. We take this approach when our clients want their applications intact or where modifying the Code is complex.


Under this Platform-as-a-Service(P-a-a-S) model, we take an advanced approach. We optimize & modify our client's application before uploading it to Cloud. Such tweaks ensure the application works flawlessly without impacting its core structure.


This model is an advanced version of the previous one. We adopt this model to enhance the productivity of the application & allow it to use all the features Cloud. This generally requires extensive alterations in the Code.


We adopt this model if the client's existing solution does not meet their current need. Here we migrate just the data of the previous app to another third-party app. So everything is new, except the data.

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Why Migrate with Azure?

Hyper-fast Migration:

During the Cloud Migration process, time is of key essence. And nothing beats Azure when it comes to Agility & Hyper-fast speed. It offers unmatched Deployment, Operation & Scalability, unlike any.

Everything can be done with super speed, whether you want to connect your workplace systems or private connections to Azure.

Extensive Scalability

When migrating Cloud, it’s vital to consider scalability. As your Business grows, you want your Cloud to grow concurrently. Azure offers extensive scalability in terms of cost, speed & storage. So, it’s super easy with Azure whether you want to downsize or bump up the services.

Enhanced Security

Microsoft powers Azure & hence it offers the ultimate security. It strictly follows ISO 2701, International Standard for Cloud Privacy. So when you are with Azure, you can rest assured about Security & Privacy.

Azure operates on a Consumption-based model. This means you enjoy the pay-as-you-go model, paying only for your services without pressure.


Microsoft Azure offers unmatched availability of 99.5% due to its robust & redundant data center eco-system. With availability in more than 140 countries define how popular this service is.

Bring Visions to the Reality With Azure Migration

Building Cloud Strategies

We don't just push for Cloud migration blindly. We build custom Cloud Strategies to assist. Flawless & efficient migration

Preparing Readiness Assessment

HCT Infotech’s Readiness Assessment prioritizes the workloads best suited to move to Cloud based on your goals, investment, and timeframe, so there are no migration surprises.

Efficient Azure Migration

HCT Infotech's proven methodology rapidly transitions your on-premises workloads to Cloud , allowing for appropriate testing, piloting, and readiness before the final cutover. Our approach manages the transition of workloads to Azure while minimizing downtime for your organization.

Application Modernization

We modernize Business applications to be more agile by re-architecting them for Cloud , then optimizing them for performance and cost.

Cost Optimization and Management

The Azure Cost Optimization engagement can help you avoid overspending idle and underutilized resources and make the most of your cloud investment.

Cloud Security

Improperly configured cloud services can present elevated security risks to an organization. With a “secure by design” approach to every engagement, HCT Infotech secures complex cloud, hybrid, and compliance-mandated environments.

Transform your IT-space into a Force-multiplier by migrating to Azure

Still, running your applications from Data Centres? It’s time to switch to a more cost-efficient & powerful Cloud Infrastructure. But migrating Cloud can be tricky, especially if you have a considerable number of applications.

There is a number of aspects to be considered, e.g., What services do you want to move Cloud, what’s the storage capacity you clouded is offering, & what’s the migrating process. This all seems daunting, but NOT WITH our AZURE Experts!