Data & Disaster Recovery Services

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Enterprise-grade Data & Disaster Recovery Services

1,400+ Trusted Clients

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Protect your mission-critical data with our secured Data & Disaster Recovery Services

HCT Infotech offers comprehensive Data & Disaster Recovery Services to Organizations across all Business Verticals. Our solutions ensure your Organization can operate at an optimum level, even after any unfortunate incident. With Structured Planning, Robust Strategies, Cutting-edge tools, & Cloud technology, we help you mitigate any emergency.

Why your Organization needs Data & Disaster Recovery Services?

Online Businesses operating on the cloud are susceptible to Cyber attacks & natural disasters. Any such incident can set your Business back by at least 2-3 years. So it’s better to prepare for any emergency with robust Data & Disaster Recovery Services.

You can sit back & relax while our Data & Disaster Recovery Services experts ensure robust backup & restoration to secure your data.

    1,400+ Trusted Clients

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    It Support For Business

    How can we help?

    HCT Infotech is a leading Data & Disaster Recovery Service provider based in Florida. Our dedicated solutions minimize & mitigate the impact of any data-loss in during an unwanted emergency. We can help your Organization stay safe with:

    Strategic Cloud Backup:

    Our Strategic Cloud Backup ensures all your critical Data is backed up regularly on the cloud. We customize the backup frequency per each Business’s need to offer them more flexibility. In case of any disaster, this backup can be utilized to get your Business on its feet again.

    Robust Data Recovery Plans:

    We enhance the security of your Data with our Robust Data Recovery Plans. We create a structured plan after deeply analyzing your Business model, your needs, & risks. We segregate & train your in-house team to face any emergency in the best possible way. We try to eliminate any & every vulnerability in your IT infrastructure.

    Why choose HCT Infotech as your Data & Disaster Recovery Partner?

    Extensive Experience

    We have extensive experience in Planning, Strategizing & Implementing robust Data & Disaster Recovery Plans for Organizations of all sizes & shapes.

    Fully-automated Backups

    With HCT Infotech, you won't have to rely on manual backups. We offer 100% automated Backup systems to ensure every piece of Data is backed up.

    Vetted Professionals

    Your data & backups are managed by our vetted professionals with extensive experience in the field.

    100% Secure

    We store your data via the cloud at some of the world's most secured data centers. So you can rest assured about the safety of your mission-critical data with HCT Infotech.

    Peace of Mind

    Cyber-attacks & Disasters can put you & your Business under a lot of stress. But with our experts managing & securing your data, you can have peace of mind focusing on your core Business.

    We’re ready

    What services do we offer?

    BCDR (Business Continuity & Disaster Recover)

    Make sure your Business usually operates, even during & after the Disaster, with planned emergency measures to restore your Baseline operations.

    Disaster Recovery Services (DRAAS)

    Enjoy peace of mind with structured Disaster Recovery Services that ensures your Business can bounce back quickly from any uncertainty.

    Data Backups

    Secure your precious data automatically on Cloud storage with our strategic Data Backup plans & protect your Business in an emergency.

    We offer Data-backup, Data-backup Recovery as a Service & Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery services to ensure your Business operates smoothly.

    Online Businesses are constantly targeted by malicious attacks & susceptible to natural disasters. So securing your Data is critical to ensure your Business operations run smoothly.

    Protect your Business with Strategic Data & Disaster Recovery Services