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Leverage the potential of Microsoft Intune for easy Remote Device Management

What is Microsoft Intune?

More and more Organizations are offering Remote Working opportunities to their employees from their devices. But there is a need for a strategic mobility solution to ensure flawless access & security of mission-critical data.

Enter Microsoft Intune. Microsoft’s comprehensive mobility management service offers flexible mobile apps & device management services. It ensures top-notch productivity & enhanced security.

What can Microsoft Intune do for your Business?

Microsoft Intune is designed to enhance remote working productivity. Intune offers an array of tools to help manage your complex remote working system. With Intune, you can:

  • Offer Desktop-level experience working experience on your employee’s any device via Outlook.
  • Create an integrated working environment with tools like SharePoint, Power BI & Teams.
  • Offer Mobile Application Management without full-device Mobile Device Management.
  • Offer on-the-go access to your employees’ emails, calendars & contact lists.
  • Secured Mobile App access without compromising security.
  • Enable biometric authorization to access services like Outlook.

In a nutshell, Microsoft Intune is designed to offer a hassle-free & secured remote working experience to your team, no matter where they are operating from.

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    What can Mobile Device Management (MDM) do for your Organization?

    Mobile Device Management is the heart of Enterprise Mobility Management. It’s utilized by Enterprises to offer access management, identity management & mobile application access to their members. This includes remote-working employees in the fields or students offered devices from the organizations to access certain files & systems.

    Mobile Device Management offers complete control of these devices to the IT administrators of your Organization. Utilizing the Mobile Device Management Servers, your IT team can manage each app & file that operates on remote devices.

    Intune utilizes the in-built Application Programme Interface of systems push policies via MDM servers. This gives complete control of how your employees utilize devices. You can control Push Notifications, Factory Reset conditions, Manage Device settings, Remove unnecessary Data & enable various functions on the system.

    What can Mobile Application Management do for your Organization?

    Mobile Application Management or MAM is a mechanism that helps organizations enhance control of the in-house developed applications for the Business. In simpler terms, it offers even more flexibility to the employees as they can work from Organization’s device or their own.

    Microsoft Intune offers core control at the application level that allows organizations to manage their data securely. Such an advanced Enterprise Mobile Management suite ensures enhanced productivity & capabilities for your apps.

    Unlike other MAM tools available in the market, Intune offers way better control & options to organizations. Using Microsoft Intune Services, your IT team can secure applications with passwords, offer managed web browsing, Encrypt the data, Secured file access, remotely manage data and access the app, and check the device’s health.

    Why choose Microsoft Intune?

    • It offers comprehensive PC management, Mobile Device Management & Mobile Application Management in a single place.
    • It offers ultimate flexibility to your Organization’s members to access all teh necessary data based on their clearance level.
    • Vetted Professionals from Microsoft ensure your Data is secured at remotely operated data centers across the globe.
    • Microsoft constantly works on enhancing the security of your data with regular testing.
    • Every communication between your Organization & your employees’ devices will be secured with SSL.
    • You get access to Company, Admin & Account Portals that are fully secured with SSL & inactivity time-out.
    We’re ready

    How HCT Infotech can help you?

    • Our experienced Intune team specializes in implementing & managing Microsoft Intune Services for ultimate mobile & desktop management remotely.
    • We offer Centralised Mobile Device Management that can safeguard your mission-critical data, even in any undesirable incident.<
    • We ensure each device linked to your Organization, whether yours or your employees, is encrypted 7 fully secured.
    • We can personalize Microsoft Intune as per your Organization’s unique need, ensuring you get the services that you need & no extra clutter.

    MDM stands for Mobile Device Management. Intune offers robust MDM services that can help you control all your devices used by members to the core.

    Intune is powered by Microsoft, making it the most secure & top-rated Enterprise Mobility solution provider.

    Intune offers top-notch security for your mission-critical data & Microsoft puts in every effort required to ensure its safety.