The adoption of cloud technologies changes the landscape for many organizations. The question generally isn’t if an organization should migrate to the cloud, but rather what should be migrated and how. Organizations must benchmark their migration to prove out the timing, migration process and network and storage connectivity. It is also critical to pilot their migration on a predefined application set that validates the migration.


Have you made the decision to move services to the cloud?

Is your cloud strategy a private cloud, public cloud, or a hybrid cloud?

The top Azure consultants at HTC Infotech are here to help leverage their deep industry experience across Azure cloud platforms and get the best of IaaS and PaaS solutions.

HCT INFOTECH starts with Cloud Readiness Assessment, assisting enterprises by identifying benefits assessing economic impact and evaluating your application portfolio readiness

7 Key Benefits of Azure

  1. Speed: Azure is amazingly faster. The speed provided by Azure for Deployment, Operation, and Scalability is simply unmatched. You can connect private connections or on-premises networks to Azure using the Microsoft global network. It connects directly to WAN and supports IPv6 workloads for providing increased reliability and speed.
  2. Scalability: An organization changes over time, requiring either downsizing or growing the infrastructure-related investment. Microsoft Azure offers on-demand scalability allowing organizations to increase or decrease storage space and computing power as per their need.
  3. Security: Microsoft Azure is designed Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) model and was the first to embrace the new international standard for cloud privacy, ISO 2701. It enhances the privacy, integrity, and availability of sensitive customer information by combining existing built-in security tools with existing cybersecurity systems and policies.
  4. Compliance: Microsoft Azure offers more than 35 compliance compatibilities. Each compatibility is necessary and well-aligned specifically with the key industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, government, finance, education, etc. With Microsoft Azure, it becomes easy to comply with the evolving regulatory guidelines of HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDPR, CMMC, and more.
  5. Cost-efficiency: Microsoft Azure offers a pay-as-you-go model enabling you to purchase; only what you need. Its consumption-based pricing structure allows businesses of all sizes to leverage cloud benefits and manage their IT budgets efficiently.
  6. Availability: Compared to other cloud service providers, Microsoft Azure offers high availability and redundancy across all its data centers. As of now, Microsoft Azure operates across 55 regions globally and is available in about 140 countries. Microsoft Azure has an undisputed global reach making it the only one to offer an SLA ensuring 99.5% availability.
  7. Interoperability: Microsoft Azure provide enterprise-level development tools that can be used to build, deploy, and manage custom web apps. Microsoft Azure aids Internet protocols and open standards such as XML, SOAP, REST, and HTTP. Besides, it also offers a software development kit for Java, PHP, and Ruby. Else, you can use programming languages, including .NET, Java, Python, Kubernetes, and much more.

Remote Managed IT Services for Your Azure Environment

  1. In today’s world, technology is ever-changing and staying up to date with online migrations can be challenging. Balancing workloads and gaining experience in new environments can be undoubtedly difficult. Luckily, utilizing HCT’s Azure Consulting IT Services is an easy solution to these common problems. If you are feeling overwhelmed or strapped for time, HCT Infotech is here to help. A Microsoft trusted company focused on helping you maintain, grow and manage your Azure environment.

Benefits of an Azure Managed Service Provider

According to a recent survey over 80 top IT professionals and business executives in large and mid-market organizations, 62 percent leveraged a multi-cloud environment that included Microsoft Azure. The report also found that 67 percent of participants said they were “very likely” to work with a managed service provider over the next year to help with migration to Azure or to manage their cloud or the on-premises environment.

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Get Enterprise-class IT for a Fraction of the Cost

Partner with the experts who can provide full customization and support across all Microsoft Applications, and integration to others.

Bridge the Gap Between Possibility and Reality with HCT Infotech

Migrating to the Cloud is not a destination – it's a journey. With HCT Infotech on your side, we will help you uncover new business value and empower you to reach maximum potential.

Cloud Strategy
It’s not enough to move your current operations to the Cloud. You first must ask yourself “why” to understand the “what” and “how” of your cloud journey. HCT Infotech develops comprehensive Cloud Strategies that connect your business initiatives to implementation and migration plans.

Azure Readiness Assessment
An Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment is an evaluation of your primary line of business applications and existing IT infrastructure to establish overall cloud-readiness. HCT Infotech’s Readiness Assessment prioritizes the workloads best suited to move to the Cloud based on your goals, investment, and timeframe, so there are no migration surprises.

Azure Migration
HCT Infotech's proven methodology rapidly transitions your on-premises workloads to the Cloud, allowing for appropriate testing, piloting, and readiness before the final cutover. Our approach manages the transition of workloads to Azure while minimizing downtime for your organization.

Application Modernization
The ability to pivot your business to meet changing market demands is essential. We modernize applications to be more agile by re-architecting them for the Cloud, then optimizing them for performance and cost.

Cost Optimization and Management
Companies that are not actively managing cloud consumption are often overpaying for oversized and over-provisioned services. The Azure Cost Optimization engagement can help you avoid overspending on idle and underutilized resources and get the most of your cloud investment.

Cloud Security
Improperly configured cloud services can present elevated security risks to an organization. With a “secure by design” approach to every engagement, HCT Infotech secures complex cloud, hybrid, and compliance-mandated environments.

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